Guess Who Got Granite for Christmas?!

Guess who got granite counters for Christmas?

Someone else! 😉 Not me. But I did get the look for less… $80!! Giani Painted Granite counterops. That’s right… I painted my counters. You may think that’s just plain crazy, but I just think they’re crazy awesome! Here’s what I really think about my new counter tops!

I will be adding more photos and tutorials in the coming days… so be sure to check it out.  One other note I don’t mention in the video is that the customer service for Giani is incredible! Hope you’re inspired to paint your counters!


8 thoughts on “Guess Who Got Granite for Christmas?!

  1. T. Meier says:

    NataLee, your countertops look awesome. I have been considering Giani for mine for about 6 months. So glad to see that you love it. My kitchen is very similiar to yours….same color cabinets, same color floor and appliances. We want the look of absolute black granite, also. It would be great if you would post some comments on exactly how you did yours (so I can copy-lol), what order you applied the paints, the type of glitter you used, and any other useful info you discovered while doing your counters. I have been a bit leery about using Giani, but feel much more confident after seeing your videos. Again, your countertops look great. I hope mine turn out just as beautiful as yours.

  2. Joann says:

    Hi! Your countertops look great. How many glossy coats did you need to put on them? I did Giani in my kitchen and I love it , but it doesnt seem to be as shiny as yours. So what is your secret? Also do you use anything special to clean them?

  3. NataLee says:

    Thanks! I ended up with 4 coats… not really by choice. I kind of messed up on the first three coats and had roller marks. So I did 3 light coats and 1 heavy final coat. I shouldn’t have been so stingy on the first couple coats. Did you sand with 600 grit sand paper in between each of your coats? I found this really helped. Try adding another coat of sealer. I noticed with each coat it got shinier. Also, I mainly use just water or if I do use cleanser only very mild cleanser. I hope this helps you! =)

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