Goodwill Goodies: Old Art Turns Shadowbox

Have you ever walked by a framed piece of art in a thrift store and asked yourself, “Who on earth would buy that picture?” Me! Me! Me! This project will hopefully have you doing a double take the next time you see one of these long forgotten diamond in the roughs.


Again, I got an “are you serious?” look from doubting husband. He’s like, “but this painting is ugly and warped to boot.” I ignore is questioning because I have the perfect project in mind for this Goodwill “Goodie”.

 First, I take it apart and then I give it a good wipe down. You should really do this with any thrift store treasure… you just never know where it’s been. 😉


Next I took some of my bead board wallpaper (you’ll be seeing several projects with this, because I LOVE!) and adhered it directly to the art work. Yes, I covered right over it. I wasn’t really worried, because it wasn’t an original or anything of value.

 I then took the frame to the Home Depot where I had the nice guys there cut me 1x 6 cull lumber to fit, plus a shelf. Because it was cull lumber (which is scrap or slightly imperfect lumber), it only cost me $2 and they cut it for free!

 I then painted everything while it wasn’t put together, because it’s much easier this way.

 I hesitate to give any kind of tutorials that involve in construction or finish carpentry, because I am the first one to tell you, this area is not my forte. I can do it okay, but I would definitely hire stuff like this if it were for a client. My gorilla glue, screw, and duct tape approach, is not something to write home about, but the shadowbox shelf definitely is sturdy and you can’t tell its shoddy construction.


I attached the formerly ugly warped artwork turned bead board backing with a staple gun to finish this off…. oops! Don’t forget the mounting hardware. It literally cost me $9 said and done. I knew I wanted a shadow box over the toilet to break up the stripes and display some fun stuff… which I am still working on. So the accessories are a work in progress.


“Goodwill Goodies” will be a new regular topic on the blog, meant to inspire you to take a second look at forgotten treasures in keeping with one of my favorite quotes, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

 Happy Thursday,



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