Giani Painted Granite Counters: Final Steps and Outcome

First off, I am so excited and kind of proud of myself because I fixed one of my virus infected laptops all by myself!  So now I am typing this on my newly fixed computer. Yay! The reason I share this is because in a way it relates to my philosophy on design.  Which is, if someone else can do it why not me??

I was a little nervous to say the least to try and un-infect my computer which had one of the nastiest viruses you can get: a keylogging virus.  But I looked at my laptop and asked myself, “Can I really mess this computer up anymore than it already is?” The  answer was no. So I found a tutorial and followed it and by golly, it worked!

You can take this and apply it to design. You may be nervous to try something, but ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?” I’m here to tell you… you might just surprise yourself!

Now, to the overdue final instructions and tutorial on how to do a faux granite countertop.

Here is a little video tutorial showing how I went about the sponge process.

In the video I talked about how I might do a video on how to do the finish coat. I did not do this because you have to make quick work about it and I didn’t want to worry about a video because of the time factor.

I must apologize because my camera does not do the counters justice in any manner. I may need to have one of my friends with a nicer camera come get some good shots of it.

So here’s what I learned about applying the sealer/polyurethane coat. First off, I was too stingy with the topcoat.  Be generous or you are going to get roller marks like I had the  first couple of coats.

Another little trick I learned is to lightly dampen the roller cover… I mean very lightly. This will also help to insure a roller mark free counter. If you want it to look authentic, roller marks are the enemy.

What do you think?


Also, I would try and do 3 thick coats, the more coats I added the more realistic it looked… and it also brought out the glitter effect (which I added and wasn’t included in the kit).

I think there were a couple areas where I added a tiny too much glitter, so like I said, use it sparingly.  This doesn’t translate the sparkle it has from the glitter which is frustrating… I hope it shows on a better counter, like it does in real life.


I absolutely love my new counters!!



Now I just need to get a backsplash up (too hide where the paint leaked beneath the tape) and my cabinets painted….



Just in the beginning stages of the kitchen redo, but I am SO happy already with the way it looks!

Let me know if you have any more questions or check out (remember, the kit is ownly $80!!!)) for more info!

Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “Giani Painted Granite Counters: Final Steps and Outcome

  1. Ange says:

    Looks great! Don’t you just hate it when something that loooks so awesonr in person doesn’t photograph the best? Although I feel that way about most of my projects and pictures. I saw walmart was clearancing these kits for $39 and now I wish I would have grabbed one! We are going to paint our cabinets in a few months too. I can’t wait to see what you do in your kitchen. The countertops have it off to an amazing start!

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