From Worst to First!

I am really excited to share this project with you. As the title suggests this room really has a dramatic transformation. You had a bit of a sneak peak with my art project, but the overall room is a little unexpected. It’s definitely not your typical powder room… and I LOVE that!

The years of baked on filth and neglect are as old as the house in this room (about 17). Every time I went in this room it made my skin crawl and I didn’t realize how bad until I completed this transformation. After a good deep clean and steam clean on the floors, I was ready to go.

As you can see it has the typical builder grade oak cabinet… which is what is through out my whole house. I have a series of transformations planned on all of them, because builder grade golden oak does not scream “Designed to the Nines” to me. It will hopefully give you some ideas to upgrade your own existing cabinets.

The budget was under $100 for the whole room and I came under budget!! But we’ll get back to that later.

I was lucky enough to start out with a small chair rail molding and decided to add some textural beadboard wallpaper. I paid $32 for my roll from a wallpaper store in our area and then not even 2 days after installing it, found it at Lowe’s for $20! Serves me right for not doing my homework… but now I know where to get more, as I will definitely use it again, because I lurve it!! I remember not too long ago the beadboard wallpapers of yester years weren’t that great. But the new stuff is extremely convincing of the real stuff, however, it is not as durable obviously.

The wallpaper you will want to get is in Lowe’s in stock section made by Allen + Roth.

Then, I decided to break several “rules” by adding horizontal stripes above above the vertical “striped” beadboard. I could have gone a little more subtle… but that wouldn’t really be me. I went with a dark chocolate and the original cream wall color. Go here  for my wall striping tutorial.

Then I added a surprise wall of turquoise.

I have a mini tutorial coming up on the green vanity coming in the next few days, so I’ll save that and a few other things for another day.

I painted a silver mirror I have had for a couple years and hadn’t used yet (paid $7 on a sidewalk sale).

You already got the DIY vintage art tutorial.

There are a few more little accessories I need to get… orange tulips, a whimsical mushroom… just a couple finishing touches for my quirky bathroom.

In the end, I couldn’t be more pleased!! I smile every time I go in this room.

To my surprise my husband loves it too. I think while the room was in progress he thought I was a little nuts.

Here is the breakdown:

Brown Paint, leftover: $0

Cream Paint, leftover: $0

Turquoise Paint, leftover: $0

Green Paint, quart: $10

Shadow Box, $9

Motel Art, $15

Wallpaper $30

Towels: $6

Accessories: $0

Mirror: $7

A Fresh, Clean, Wonderful Powder Room: Priceless.


Hope you enjoyed!

Happy Monday!





21 thoughts on “From Worst to First!

  1. Sarah Memmott says:

    LOVE IT, Love it and love it some more! You are awesome, Natalee!! Do darling. I wish I were brave enough to be as daring as you are in design! love ya!

  2. NataLee says:

    Thanks guys! I hope to inspire people to be brave in decorating their homes! And the thing with paint is, that if you hate it, you can always paint right over it. =)

  3. Karyn Heath says:

    NataLee! I love the stripes. Turned out so fun. I would never have thought of that color combo but it works so well together. Awesome!

  4. Alisha Landreth says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog, and do love it. I am using the Allen + Roth beadboard wallpaper right now. I just put it on tonight in our guest bathroom. I am wondering though, are your walls textured and did any of the texture show through? Ours is a textured in a way that there is a few lines showing through on certain parts of the paper. Congrats on baby as well and happy decorating!

  5. NataLee says:

    Thanks Alisha! We love you back!

    Wallpaper (by nature) isn’t going to hide everything, darn it! Yes, after I first applied it to my walls I did notice the texture showing through. However, the more the paper dried and recovered from being adhered to the wall, the more it puffed back out and you don’t notice it near as much. I am loving my beadboard wallpaper. I hope you are loving yours too!

  6. Courtney says:

    I am loving it. The stripes are amazing and love the green!!! I host a decorating link party on the weekends if you would like to come share sometime! 🙂

  7. ange says:

    Wow, nice job! I contemplated stripes on my bathroom that I just finished yesterday, did you almost go insane doing the stripes? 😉 I like the bathroom vanity in green, something different. Come check out my bathroom and there is a link for our blog party where you could link up your bathroom!

  8. NataLee says:

    Hi Ange! Thanks for stopping by. I will definitely stop by and check your bath and linky party! No… Striping is not so hard when you know some tricks. Like, I measure for my stripe in one location and then use a level to mark it the rest of the way on the walls. That makes for straight lines and a speedier process. Then I always pre-paint the stripe in the original wall color because if it bleeds it will bleed the original color. This makes for really perfect stripes with very minimal touch up. I hope that made sense. Anyway, happy you’re a D2N follower now! =)

  9. Dusty Coyote says:

    I am absolutely crazy about this bathroom! What I like so much about it is that it started out as the bathroom everybody has! Thanks for the supply list too! Saw you on Feathered Nest.

  10. jackie says:

    Hi Miss NataLee I am going to copy your idea here, it’s fabulous ! I need your tutitorial on how to install the shadow box and the name of the color of your vanity, I GOT to have it :). Great job
    thanks Jackie

  11. NataLee says:

    Thanks Miss Jackie!

    Here is the tutorial for the shadow box: and as far as the green paint color, I don’t have the name because I did a custom color match of the infamouse green organization boxes from IKEA …

    I am in the middle of getting ready to do a huge designer hoard/yard sale right now, but I’ll try to get a picture of the label for you to take to the home depot to give them if you’d like. But I LOVE the color and have not regretted painting it such a bold Kermit the Frog type green. Thanks for stopping by!

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