From Builder-Grade To Glamorous- Chandelier Makeover Idea (Before and After)

Are you looking for dining room chandeliers ideas for your outdated or just plain boring chandelier? While this may be an inexpensive and cheap chandelier makeover, it doesn’t lack in glam or wow-factor in the end… watch this tutorial if you want to know how to upgrade chandelier without taking it down. Yep… no messing with electrical! Check it out here:


Here is a list of the products I used in the video here:


Beads (2 Options I ordered both- You don’t need to):
Glass (a little heavier):

Acrylic (not a huge difference, but not quite as pretty):

Teardrop Crystals:

E600 Adhesive:

Light Bulb Socket Extender (One That I Used):
Less Expensive and Possibly More Attractive Option:

Jewelry Split Rings (I got mine from Michael’s but they didn’t have exact on their website. Here’s an option with several different color options:

Mini Drum Shades:

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I also did a smaller, coordinating project over on my IGTV channel. You can check that out here:

Blingy, Yet Affordable Decorative Plate

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