Friday’s Frivolty: Fixed Up Thrift Store Lamps

Okay… so a couple of weeks ago I was in Home Goods and saw some lamps that I really liked.  Simple oil rubbed bronze base with a cream drum shade. At 39.99, I was like that’s a pretty good deal!  But my husband doesn’t really want me spending money on decorating because we’re moving soon and doesn’t want to acquire more items to move.  But I am tired of my old lamps that I have had for about ten years and no longer suit my style.  They are very ornate and I am more transitional.  So I passed on them, but regretted it and went back for them.  They were gone.  But then I was in our local thrift store (D.I.)  and I saw this lamp base in a very dated and ugly (to me) in shiny brass finish.  But it had potential.  So this week’s Friday Frivolty (frivolous necessity) is an updated thrift store lamp.

Here is the before.  It cost me $2!!!!! 

And after… I used some leftover spray paint from other projects and bought a $15 shade at Walmart.  So for $17… I have a brand new lamp. 

I actually like this lamp better than the one at Home Goods (looks very similar, but my base is more substantial) and it was less than half the cost! I just have to keep my eyes open for another similar base so I can have a pair.

Don’t tell my husband that it was so cheap to do… or the next time I fall in love with a lamp in a store…. he’ll say “just makeover a thrift store lamp!”


“Making the house you have, the home you want!”

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