Friday’s Frivolty: Drum Shade Chandeliers

My Friday Frivolty (my way of saying frivolous necessity) is the drum shade chandelier!!  It is smart and sophisticated, sleek and elegant… and a total mussst (not a typo) have!!!  It is my ode to joy.

Here is the one I want from

Here is it in black also:

And at only $119 it is a great buy, but with my 10% off coupon… it makes it an absolute steal.  What makes it a frivolty is the fact that we are putting our house on the market within the week and why would I buy a chandelier I couldn’t use until our next house? Because it’s amazing!  My husband just doesn’t understand…

They look great in dining rooms as shown below.

I also love the mirrors and chairs in this one…

Love the chairs again…

There seems to be a pattern here…

Here’s some with out all the bling, but with a cool design.

Aren’t they awesome?!  Gotta love the drum shade chandelier… it’s also a very hot trend right now.

They look amazing in the dining room, so I might have to get the black one for my dining room and the ivory one for my bedroom…. hmmm…. do you think the husband will mind??




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