Friday’s Frivolty: Designer Button Magnets

Happy Friday!  It’s time for my Friday Frivolty (my way of saying frivolous necessity).  This weeks frivolty is fabric magnets/push pins.

Okay… so I am a total fabriholic as I call it and I have lots of designer fabric in tow and so I am all about finding fun ways to use some of it… so my husband doesn’t go, “Why do you have all this fabric?  You never use it!”

Honey… this project is for you!

It comes via one of the many decorating/design blogs I follow.  It is super easy!!

Here is what we’re aiming for.

Start with the a package of buttons intended to be covered in fabric.  These come in many sizes and I think it would be great to do it in several sizes.

Remove the wire where you would sew it on to fabric.

Like this.  You can use your fingers or pliers.

Cut out your favorite fabric to fit and attach to the button.

It should be smooth and taught as shown in the picture. 

Attach the back by pressing down.

Now get your handy mod podge out and brush 1-2 layers on.  This will protect the fabric and give it a nice sheen.

To finish out the project either glue a magnet or a push pin to the back.

Finished product.


Super cute, right?! Love it!  Well, I am off to Roberts Craft to get my supplies.  Would love to see pictures of your finished product… I’ll post mine too!


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