Applying Your Design Style

Now you know your style… how do you apply that to your home? Here are a few tips I came up with.
1. Look at your closet.  This not only will give you a sense of your design style, but will also will give you an idea of what colors you feel comfortable in… which translates to potential color palates. Here is the picture of the outfit I loved… you could find something very similar in my closet.

Here is this outfit in action in a room…

2. Create a magazine/catalog favorites file.  Rip pictures of rooms you like out of old catalogs and magazines and take quick notes on what you like about the picture and store these in a binder that has clear protective covers.
3. Create a computer picture file.  Surf the internet for room inspirations and save the pictures in your picture files for future use. I organize mine by room.
4. School of trial and error.  Take your time.  On bigger purchases keep them in classic colors and styles and play around with accessories.
Hope this helps!

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