Finally! Some Content!! DIY Art Project

Oh how I’ve missed you all! As most of you know 6 weeks ago I had a beautiful baby boy. I have been just loving me all my babies during my leave absence. But I have had the itch to get back designing and blogging. I have been working on our powder room on our main floor.

This room was disgusting to begin with. I got the heebeejeebees every time I went in there and I don’t think I realized just how bad it was until I started working on it. We’re talking about years of baked on filth, that could not be scrubbed away.  

The room is finally complete, but you are going to have to wait a little bit for the reveal… but let me just say, it went from worst to first and I am extremely pleased with the final results. I think I might just move in. That’s right I am absolutely in love with this 3’x8′ room. The best part is it was under $75 for the whole decor!!

But first, I have a fun, easy, and super thrifty art project you can do yourself and you can use any cheap digital camera. To prove this works, I start with about the worst photos I have ever taken. 

I took my kiddos in the middle of the afternoon in the bright Arizona summer sun to Main Street Mesa, where there are lots of old vintage motel signs. You could also go to a carnival, theme park, old movie theaters, beach, etc. The possibilities are endless. Just start taking photos. Doesn’t really matter how bad they are, however, good photos to begin with are good too! =)

Here is the first of the oh-so-terrible before photos: 

And the amazing transformation:

Now I will tell you how I did it. I uploaded the terrible photos into my favorite FREE photo editing site,

I started by messing up the colors. Over saturating and warming it up a lot. There is no rhyme or reason to what I did, but I just tried to give it some warmth.

Another before:

Then I went into the create section and I used three different effects. 1. Boost 2. Vinette 3. HDR-ish

And after all that messing and editing, here is what you get:

More examples of befores…

 and afters.

This one is kind of fun…

Might be my favorite… but I love them all.

So these photos became the art for my bath. After sending my photos to the Walmart Photo Center I paid $2.50 each for 8 x 10s. Then I picked up some square frames from the 99 Cent Only store.  They even had mattes in them already. So in the end I spent $3.49 each… and I couldn’t be happier. They add the perfect pop of color to the room. Here they are on the wall (plus a sneak peak at the half bath).

What do you think? If I can do this with the WORST pictures ever. YOU can do it too!!

Happy to be back… and Happy Tuesday everyone!

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