Fast, Fun Shelf Mini-Makeover

I have a super fast and inexpensive way to give a regular bookcase new life. I found this solid wood shelf at a local thrift store for $15. I knew I had to have it, but I didn’t know exactly where I was going to put it. I imagined all the different ways I could change it up…  Bold paint on the body, and a funky wallpaper on the backer-board was the way I thought I was going to go… but I still couldn’t decide where it’s permanent home was going to be. I got tired of looking at it and thought of a more temporary solution.  I have a pretty much empty formal living and dining room, so for now that’s where it will go.

So I grabbed some Script/Calligraphy fabric that I have a whole bolt of (which will eventually go towards upholstering some chairs for that same area) and carefully knocked out my backer-board. I then hot glued the fabric snugly around the backer-board as a temporary solution. Then I got out my trusty Powershot staple gun. 

If you don’t own this kind of staple gun, you really should buy one (no… I am not a spokesperson for them) I just REALLY love this staple gun and is a billion times easier and better than other manual staple guns.

Anyway, I stapled the backer-board (with the fabric on it) back to the shelf… and that’s it. I was done. Here is the results:

I am happy with this solution. Maybe I’ll leave it here, maybe I won’t, but if I do decide on a permanent home, the fabric will easily come off and I can used it for pillows or what ever.

Happy Good Friday!


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