Extreme Makeover: Living Rooms and Master Suites

Here are some more amazing rooms from Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  I will try to make helpful comments along the way of what I like/don’t like and what makes the space great.

Living Rooms

This room was plucked right out of my design heaven! I love every square inch, no every cubic inch, of this room. This room is crazy awesome and it breaks what some may think are normal color rules. I have personally broken this rule and would love to mimic this look in my new home!

The rule, which isn’t really a rule, that should be broken is mixing gray and brown together.  I actually love this combination and here is the perfect example of why.

This room is a visual textural feast. from the woods, to the stone, the the window treatments, the word pillows, and even a little animal print for fun. I feel like I could devote a whole post  just to this room! But I must go on…

This is a very traditional look. Rich colors mixed with warm metal tones and luxurious fabrics. The floor lamp seems a little small compared to all the other oversized items.

Purple is the next color to watch.  I think you’re going to see s lot more of it. 

This wall of photography is a great inspiration for you (and me). Notice the mixture of black and whites with the overexposed vintage color finish. Notice almost all are different sizes and directions. It makes it look more like a work of art, but is much more meaningful.

I love this fresh color palette using this years color of the year, turquoise, and mixing it with another hot color, gray. I feel like a broken record sometimes! =) They add in a fresh yellow for a happy, but classy feel.  Also, kind of a fun side point… notice the sofa. This is an inexpensive sofa by Ashley (probably around $600). They use it a lot and it is versatile by switching out the pillows.

This is a color palette that I think has seen it’s day, but people still continue to use it.  I used it for a client recently by request. It looks good, but i think I’d take a pass personally. 

Here’s the ever trendy right now linen upholstery. I think this little vinette is very inviting. Love the fabric on the drapes.

Here’s a better version of the blue, yellow, white color scheme. Instead of doing bright yellow, the opted for a much softer version bordering on cream… and adding in lots of brown.

Rough wood mixed with mirror and glass. Rustic meets glam, one of my personal favorite looks.

How fun is this room?! I ador this room and wish I had a house big enough to get away with having a room as girly as this… maybe translate it to a teen girls bedroom.  The key to this room is bold graphics… diamonds, stripes, and damask paired up with bold colors and crisp white.  Ikea pieces really shine in this room: the mirrors, the dresser, the sectionals. A good chunk  of the items are from there… and it looks great!

Master Bedrooms

What do you think of the white bird tree lamp? I love it. Fresh color palette too.

This is a little different look for a master bedroom.  I like the neutral color palette, but like the fact they took basically dead trees and permanently mounted them to the floor… and added a few crystals for a little sparkle. This is very creative.

Jury’s still out for me on this one… I don’t know if I would feel like I was a part of a fireplace or not. Thoughts?

Yummy, yummy is what I have to say! Orange and more…. gray. You got it!

More gray. But I am still not sick of it. Love the furry pillows nd the crisp lamps.

Nice traditional look… if you’re curious, the furniture is Aico. I don’t always like fabric on the walls, but in this case, it works.


I like the lay out of this shower and tub combo…. however, I don’t see  a bench in that massive shower.

There’s my favorite silver sage color again. I love all the finishes of this bathroom.

I’m all for gray and white color scheme, but I feel like this really could use a pop of color!

I adore this bathroom. It screams Restoration Hardware style, which I am in love with right now. Gray with warm wood tones gain and rustic meets contemporary. Do you dig?

I don’t like this shade of green, especially in a bath…. I feel like it would make me look sickly when I looked in the mirror. Ivy is out of place in this contemporary setting. I love everything else.

Great bathroom and you know I love the mirrored door fronts.

Love the mirrors.

This bath sparkles! Enough said. =)

Happy Thursday!


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