Embrace What You Can’t Change: Part 2

There are millions of homes across the country that has the builder basic oak cabinets. A couple of days ago I showed you one way to upgrade them, but this might be my favorite one so far.




I was lucky enough to get to try out a product that has yet to hit the market yet made by 1005 Designs. It’s a brushed aluminum product meant to be an easy DIY kitchen backsplash. But I used in a different way. I used it on my master bath vanity. My plan was to do mirrors on my vanity, but when I saw this product on Recaptured Charm I was ecstatic!  Not only did it have the shimmer and light reflective quality I was looking for, but the maintenance would be far less from all the little hands that will be constantly touching it and as an added bonus a beautiful pattern.


When it first arrived, just for fun, I leaned it up against the wall in the backsplash are of my kitchen and I loved it SO much!! I seriously contemplated using it as my backsplash. If I hadn’t already bought the tile for the backsplash I probably would have. It is wicked awesome! (Did I just say that??) =)


I used their Art Nouveau design. But before I got started with that I painted everywhere that wouldn’t be covered by the tin. I used a metallic paint in a bronze tone from the Martha Stewart collection at Home Depot called Eagle Brown.


Then I used a utility knife and a level to score the tin and snap it down to size to fit on the fronts of the drawers and cabinets. More detailed instructions on how to work with this product come with the kit. You are going to use a lot of blades in this process so make sure you have them handy.


I then applied it with liquid nails.

 I taped them on until the adhesive had dried.

Leave on the protective film until you drill for your hardware (which I got a 10 pack of these oval knobs at Target for $14.99). Then peel it off before you add the knobs. Again, I just spray painted the existing brass hinges to match the hardware.


As far as my master bath is concerned, I used Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sage on the walls. I think the master bath looks good, but if you know me, it’s not quite “Designed to the Nines” yet. I like a little bit more of shock and awe. So there is still more to come with this room…

 …to be continued. =)

I would highly suggest checking out 1005 Design’s whole line of backsplashes… and if you love as I did… get on their waiting list for there launch coming soon!

 Happy Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Embrace What You Can’t Change: Part 2

  1. Jana says:

    Thank you very much NataLee for trying out our product! We are extremely impressed on the results of this project. Your work is magnificent. Here is a link for your readers to add themselves to the product launch list: http://www.1005design.com/backsplash-request-form.php. We are looking forward for the decorative metal backsplash kits will start selling soon.

    Thanks again and I am glad you are so happy with with this project. It looked and sounded like it was easy breezy . 🙂

  2. Nicole says:

    NataLee – those cabinets look just like ours. I love what you have done with them they look so much better now. I have to say the red one is still my favorite.

  3. Michelle says:

    Soooo excited to see your ideas come to fruition! I have been racking my brain for ways to redo my 1955 bathroom on a budget. Long term it will be a complete gut and start over project but this is EXACTLY what I am looking for and something I can do on my own for pennies.

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