Embrace What You Can’t Change: Part 1

 “If you can’t escape it then you may as well embrace it” is my new mantra. In my childhood home we had builder grade oak cabinets, my first condo had builder grade oak, so did my next, and my current….. well you get the picture. All this time I have longed for something different and if you’ve been following my blog for long you know I love painted cabinets. It’s time I embrace what I can’t change and that is the fact there are a lot of builder grade oak cabinets out there.  

 In the kitchen, I love a crisp white, but in the bathroom… that’s a great place to shake it up a little. And that’s exactly what I have been doing here at my house lately. In fact, I am a little worried you all are going to get tired of the bathroom posts. I’ll try and shake things up a little and not give you bathroom overload. =)

 But what is fun about all my bathrooms are that each one is very different than the other. Today, I wanted to show all of you one way (of several) to upgrade the builder grade oak. That is with my favorite new product: bead board wallpaper.


I just adhered the bead board wallpaper directly to the oak cabinet front and painted. I used a high quality enamel paint from the oops! paint section at Home Depot. I scored big time on this paint… the law of attraction in action. I was planning on using a rusty red for the kids bathroom and right there in the Oops! paint section was the perfect shade in the exact paint I would have bought. Even better $5! This quality would’ve been closer to the $30 range. Love it!

 You should always check the oops! paint section every time you go to the home improvement store. I do. I have gotten the majority of my paint this way lately. All perfect matches for what I was looking for. It comes from checking often.


So I painted the cabinets, spray painted the existing hinges to match the hardware I got off ebay and voila! No more builder grade. A new cabinet with lot of personality I might add… especially when you consider I am putting aqua on the walls.


I did the same treatment, but a different color in my funky powder room makeover you’ve seen a lot of.


Coming up next in part 2 of “Embracing What You Can’t Change”… my master bathroom cabinet makeover. Here is a sneak peak at what I did with a new product yet to hit the market.


How would you makeover the standard builder grade cabinet??? I would love your ideas.

12 thoughts on “Embrace What You Can’t Change: Part 1

  1. NataLee says:

    I would definitely recommend sanding the area not covered by the beadboard wallpaper. I don’t think you need the finish completely off, but just roughed up enough that the paint will grip the cabinet better. =)

  2. Treva says:

    I love this idea. I’ve wanted to use beadboard in a bathroom but this makes a much easier option. I’ll need to find the beadboard wallpaper. Thanks.

  3. Lolly Jane says:

    i just used this wallpaper this week on a hutch i’m showcasing next week. LOVE it, awesome product! love your cabinets, too cute!!! way to go, girly! xoxo

  4. miss janet says:


    Love following the progress you are making on your house. I am all about the big look on a small budget. Keep the great ideas coming.

  5. BJ says:

    LOVE this. Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to try this in my bathroom that has a damaged wall where our disabled son ripped the towel rack off the wall. I’ve been trying to figure out how I could do an update. I think this will be perfect.

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