Driftwood Sign

Last Saturday night I got a MUCH needed girl’s night out! I was invited to a craft night hosted by Katie from www.sweetrosestudio.com  and sponsored by Elmer’s Glue.

We were asked to bring a craft project to do at the party. I don’t  really consider myself a “crafter”. I think I am creative and can be crafty, but I think more big picture typically. But I did have this piece of drift wood that I snagged off a beach in Portland, ME when I went to meet my husband’s family for the first time four years ago. I have been carting it around through four moves waiting to do something with it. The time was now.

I am still living in the Dark Ages and don’t have any kind of vinyl cutting system! =( But Katie let me borrow her new Silhouette to cut a stencil… Thank you Katie. Due to visiting, I didn’t finish my project Saturday, but I did finish it up this morning.

Here’s what I did. I didn’t use vinyl for the stencil, just card stock. I used a tiny bit of Elmer’s glue stick to stick it down to the wood. To avoid a paint mess and to kind of have a more authentic look, I dry brushed the paint on following the the direction of the letters as if I was writing it on. I started with black.

I then took the side of a screw to scratch some of the paint off followed by a light sanding.  I did this after each paint step.

I hand painted on the white to add dimension.

I thought I was going to be done after this, but it looked unfinished, boring, and like something was missing. So I decided to add a little color by adding a green stripe on top and on bottom. I taped it off…

…and again dry brushed the green on. It still need something, so I hand painted a thin black stripe on the edge of the green stripes.

I attached picture hanging brackets on both sides of the back of the sign.

And here is the completed sign. What do you think? Does it feel a little beachy and vintage?

I hung this over my french doors for now, but I think I’ll eventually put it above my TV when I finish my bat and board treatment on that wall.

One more view…

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Driftwood Sign

  1. natalie anderson says:

    I’m sorry did you just say Portland, Me….where did your hubby grow up?
    If you recall I’m from Windham, ME and worked in Portland (on great Diamond Island) the summer of 98’….just curious…there are so few ofus Mainards out here in the desert. 🙂

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