Dramatic Imperial Trellis Wallpaper Stencil

Do you remember these beautiful drapes that I longed for several months ago? This fabric runs $130 a yard. I would have needed at least 10 yards bare minimum. Spending over $1,300 on fabric wasn’t even an option. So I found a knock off version for $40 a yard. Still, not going to happen.  

So when I found this awesome, large, reusable stencil on www.cuttingedgestencils.com for $39.95 I was really happy! I signed up for their email list and got an email a few weeks later that they were having a sale. I jumped on it!


I used it as a focal wall behind our TV.

Here is a picture of our family room before moving in:

And here’s it after I stenciled:

Like how I cleaned up just for you? My favorite part is our recycle bin in the window!

Here is the process, more or less:

I started out painting it a dark chocolate brown.  I probably could have avoided this step, but the pattern colors would be reversed and I wanted the pattern this way.

There are tutorials on Cutting Edge Stencils… but here’s what I did. Wrong or right.

I started by taping the stencil to the wall with painter’s tape. Regular masking tape is too sticky and will ruin you paint.

On a side note, did you know Mickey Mouse hires out as a babysitter? He does a great job too! 😉

Anyway, apparently my tape wasn’t sticky enough. Because here’s what happened when my stencil slipped during the process.

I solved this problem by using tacks to stick it to the wall without slipping. I didn’t see any holes, but if you did, no matter what you are probably going to have to do some minor touch up anyway, so you can just take care of it then.  It was super easy.

To do around the top they included a smaller top stencil, which my wimpy tape did support.

But I love how it turned out! I smile every time I re-enter the room. I  totally realize this might be a little too high contrast for some people… my cute husband is still adjusting… he says it kind of makes him dizzy, but is being nice about it. =)

I find myself staring at the wall instead of the TV. Did I say I love it yet? It looks sort of like black and white paint in the pics, but it’s dark brown and cream.

I want this wall to be a true feature wall, so it’s still got a lot of work left to do on it. 

First off, I am sure my husband would like a TV about twice the size. It is kind of small I will admit. Maybe a bigger TV will make him less dizzy. Lol! =)

Also, I still plan on building window seats and adding some sort of window treatment… maybe a roman shade or frosting the glass with the trellis stencil??? Still deciding. There isn’t much to look out the window at obviously and it doesn’t get direct light. So we’ll see.

But it is progress.

Check back tomorrow. I will show you some great uses of imperial trellis and some that are a lot more subtle.

Happy  Wednesday!

8 thoughts on “Dramatic Imperial Trellis Wallpaper Stencil

  1. ange says:

    Love it! I am debating on that stencil right now for either doing curtains for our master bedroom or the wall behind the bed. I just painted our room navy so I would love the high contrast just like your wall! It looks awesome!

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