Design Star of the Week: Vintage Revivals

This week’s Design Star is Mandi Gubler of Vintage Revivals. I am sure a lot of you know but in case you haven’t heard of her, you should definitely check out her blog. I feel like when it comes to design she is  my sister from another mister! I haven’t met her in person, but have chatted with her a few times. She’s great!

I chose her this week because this dining set makeover she just did is simply FAB- U-LOUS!  Doesn’t it  match my website nicely? =)

How many of you have seen an oak table that looks like this? Well, maybe not exactly like this… how cool are the claw feet?


Some turquoise paint and wha-la! Fantabulous!  And I haven’t even brought up the chairs. The chairs! I am Da-ying over them!!! And guess where she found them? Craigslist. Yep!

Mandi could be basically featured as the “Design Star of the Week” every week.  She has some “Awesome Crap” on her website.

Here are a few of her great projects:

Again her awesome table. Love it! And knowing her, she isn’t done yet… I can’t wait to see how she finishes this room out.

Sorry about the lack of posts this week. I have not only been in major project mode (meaning lots of fun stuff on it’s way) and I can’t find either of my adapters to upload photos. But here is a teaser for my latest project:

Remember this beautiful Imperial Trellis fabric I really wanted for curtains several months ago, but it’s like $129 a yard? Well… how do you think I got this look without paying an arm and a leg? =)


Happy Friday everyone!

2 thoughts on “Design Star of the Week: Vintage Revivals

  1. ange says:

    Ooh, did you stencil those? I was eyeing up that fabric myself and then thought, I’ll just stencil some curtains. If you did, please tell me how it went! They look awesome!

  2. NataLee says:

    Oh… sorry for the confusion… totally my bad, but the drapes are not mine. They were the inspiration photo for drapes I wish I had a few months ago. So, I didn’t make them, but there might be a stencil involved in my project. 😉 And I am extremely pleased with the result!

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