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I started Designed to the Nines with the intention of wanting to teach and inspire others how to do great design. I LOVE design! Seeing beautifully designed rooms always puts a smile on my face. So one of the things you’re going to start seeing more of is beautifully designed spaces as well as posts on design principles.

With that in mind, I wanted to start featuring individuals who’s designs were worthy of recognition. A place to show off their creativity and hard work. 

Jennifer B. of Texas has been a Designed to the Nines follower for a while now.  She just bought her beautiful home a few months ago and got right to work.

One of her biggest worries, and understandably so,  was all the glass on the front door. Umm…. Hello world! Would you like to see me in my skivvies? I didn’t think so. As beautiful as these kind of doors are… there is a definite lack of privacy.  So Jennifer came up with the solution to hang beautiful drapes that she could let down when she didn’t feel like living in a fish bowl  and pull back when she wanted the light.  Gorgeous floors!! 

I always LOVE when you can find ways to personalize your space… so I love this idea. Jennifer’s walls have a heavier texture on them, but she wanted to do a quote by her son in vinyl lettering. So to solve that problem she adhered the vinyl to a piece of plexi-glass and mounted it to the wall. I also really love the mix of traditional elements with the modern in this super chic breakfast nook.

Ok… I am literally wiping the drool off my jaw over this office. Of course all of you probably have noticed my obsession with damask.  I have some form of damask in probably 80% of my house.  So this purple velvet textured wallpaper has my heart skipping a beat.  Add in the chandelier and overall girly feel and I have to say I’m a little jealous. =) I do not have any sort of an office to do work from (it’s on my short list though!), but an office like this is definitely inspiring.

And there you have it! Your first Design Star of the Week! Thanks for sharing with us Jennifer…

If you are proud of your home designs (or if you’d like to nominate someone for Design Star of the Week) and want to share your decorating successes with Designed to the Nines send me photos (please shrink them to no larger than 700px in either direction, thanks!!) or a video to

Coming up this week… my soon to be finished Craigslist sectional and some cool letters that light up from an old sign!

Happy Sunday!

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