Design Star: Kitchen Ho-Hum

Sorry this has taken a bit, but I really don’t have too much to say about this week’s episode… I feel like a broken record, so I will keep this short. 

Still no wow factor. At all.  Both kitchen’s turned out nice enough.  But if you ask me all they had to do was pick out finishes. There wasn’t a lot of design involved. The layout was pretty much exactly the same and the cabinet style was the same.  My guess is that was all predetermined; so all they did was coordinate a look.  An amateur could do this.  But this isn’t there fault at all.  These challenges are impersonal and totally boring…   and really both kitchens turned out great.

Courtland and Emily’s Modern/Traditional (I think Courtland meant Transitional) Italian (Tuscan) kitchen.  For me this edges out with the slight win. It’s just more interesting with the chalkboard, purple island, and chandelier… which surprised me because…

… if you follow my blog you know I prefer white kitchens.  This one is fine, but I would’ve gone a little more dramatic. Both kitchens were way over accessorized.

Judges weren’t so mean this week… maybe they need John every week. =)

I was surprised Emily was in the bottom two, honestly. Alex went home.  I am sad to see him go because he really grew on me and seems like a total sweetheart. But he didn’t incorporate his item as well as the others in these somewhat silly challenges. Way to prove everyone by sticking around as long as you did. Great job!


3 thoughts on “Design Star: Kitchen Ho-Hum

  1. Shelly says:

    As I think we all know, these designers just haven’t been allowed to shine within these challenges. Do you think HGTV will take the STRONG negative feedback about the show and do anything different next season?

    I found your blog via Room Fu & am enjoying keeping up with you!

  2. natalie says:

    Shelly, I hope so. This season they keep telling the contestants that they have to battle to get what they want. But all it tells me is that the designers I have grown to love on HGTV are the “killer instinct” type people you hate. Not the kind, big hearted artists they ‘portray’.

    I don’t know, but this season has made me see all HGTV stars differently – if Dan was too “nice” and Trent was too “nice” – and NataLee you got kicked off because you weren’t willing to out Tashica… so does that mean all HGTV stars are cut throat and will do whatever it takes to win?

  3. NataLee says:

    Thanks Shelly… Glad to have you!! I think that HGTV would have to be really retarded not to listen to the negative, however, as long as viewership stays up they may not, because they might think it’s working for them…

    Natalie… Unfortunately, I do think most have to have a little bit of mean in them to get where they are, but NOT all. I met Clive and he was really, really sweet and charismatic as he is portrayed on TV. But Design Star forces out the mean in every contestant or go home early. Sad but true. I went home because I was straight up too nice (including taking on the bulk of the physical labor)… which was my downfall. =(

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