Design Star Episode 4: Floral Inspired Apartments

**Spoiler Alert**

I finally did it… I stayed up til midnight (that’s when my cable provider airs it! Thanks guys!) to watch this weeks episode on a TV. This weeks episode was based on flowers the contestants selected at a New York floral market. They each pick an inspiration flower and the teams design a 650 square foot apartment around their boquets.  Actually, I think it’s a fun concept. I am liking the premise for each challenge so far.  I am not overly enthused about the results.  I like both rooms… especially the girls… but my husband wouldn’t like this apartment. It would definitely be for a bachelorette.

I think it’s soft and feminine and not your typical color palette. It feels fresh and reminds me of a floral boquet. 

 I also like the guys apartment. Sleek, contemporary, and minimalistic.

But I am still left feeling unsatisfied.  I still have yet to have a “WOW!” moment.  Somebody needs to step up to the plate and show us something new. Something truly creative.  I don’t think any of the rooms are total fiascos, but none are mind-bogglingly awesome.

Here’s the other thing I have noticed… and I’m wondering if anyone else has?  Aside from interpersonal drama… where’s the challenge drama?  It seems like for the most part they have plenty of time, plenty of money, and plenty of help.  There is no stress in making there designs happen.  Which honestly makes me a little jealous.  But taking into consideration they obviously have all they need to make it happen, where is my “WOW” factor?


I have noticed though that Dan was doing a lot of construction projects (i.e. Nina’s assistant)… probably because that’s where he feels most comfortable. This unfortunately backfires on him as his designs fall to the backburner.  It’s too bad, because I would have liked to seen more of what he can do.  But it goes back to what I said last week: Nice guys finish last.

I have also been comparing and contrasting the FN’s Next Food Network Starand HGTV’s Design Star and their judging style, which has been my primary complaint. I promise to not go on a total rant… but here is the difference. I think Food Network has it right.  I watched the judges watching Dan’s hosting presentation and noticed once again the complete lack of respect.  Their faces of disgust and rolling eyes were unbelievably imature and disrespectful.

Yes… by entering a competition such as this you are subject to criticism, but here’s where Food Network shines in their networks version. Respect.  Even though they are critiquing their food and hosting, they do it in a way that is completely respectful and constructive, often with a smile, and followed with a compliment. It’s like the difference between a good parent and a bad parent. A good parent attacks the behavior and not the child. A bad parent does just the opposite. I also like that their decision making process isn’t so secretive on the Food Network.  I am not left with a bad taste in my mouth after an elimination as I am with Design Star.

So Dan was eliminated.  I was somewhat surprised considering there were people there who had been in the bottom before.  I am disappointed they sent Dan home.  He seemed so nice, it was refreshing.

Just one more side note.  I am waffling on my call that Nina will win.  I do think a woman will win this year, but I am kind of  thinking it might be Casey… she is flying way under the radar (which is brilliant!).  She just needs to pick the right moment (soon) to step up to the plate and shine!  I can’t wait to see what she is made of!


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3 thoughts on “Design Star Episode 4: Floral Inspired Apartments

  1. Robin says:

    I have been chatting with my husband about the same points re Food Network Star. It’s so different and so much better–and yet they don’t lack any drama!

  2. Thom says:

    TOTALLY AGREE and I DID go on a rant last night. Season 5 brings us inspiring challenges but we know NOTHING of a timeframe OR budget. In previous years we were privy to that important information. We have seen nothing but great work coming from Dan and POOF he was used as Nina’s pawn and eliminated. Shame, I think he really had the talent. I have hated the judges sitting in those chairs like the contestants are children and they are whispering in front of them ! So unprofessional and a total lack of respect. To say to a contestant, YOU are not ready for your own show, please exit without ANY appreciation is in very poor taste. I agree with the FoodNetwork vs Design Star… a world of difference, plenty of WOW !

  3. NataLee says:

    Thanks Thom and Robin for your comments… I am wishing and hoping HGTV catches on to this idea! I really think it would make Design Star a bigger hit! Thanks again!!

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