Design Star Episode 3: Musical Patios

After my tirade last week… I don’t have a whole heck of a lot to say today.

But I like getting straight to the point.  The girls win… and it comes down to team effort believe it or not.  After all the stress and the drama of the past couple weeks between the ladies. They pull of this patio design…

…maybe it has to do with their lucky charm and resident peacemaker Dan,

who was selected to join their team to even out the unbalance?

I think the guys room isn’t that bad, but isn’t as cohesive as the Girls’ + Dan’s space. I actually liked the yellow venetial plaster wall, but Courtland’s Sedona explanation was a little confusing. As a violinist myself, when I think of a stringed instrument I think of sophistication. I think black formal wear of a symphony.


Combining that with Tom’s idea of a saxophone being more sleek and jazzy… I saw this room going in a different direction than it went.  I actually think Tom had it right. I think a sleek and sophisticated room with one element of surprise in the congo drums would’ve have played out nicely. But that being said… they guys were a close second.

I am waiting for the “wow” moment… I have yet to go, “Wow. That’s creative and awesome!”  like I did with Dan’s orchard white box, Nathan’s graffiti sofa, Todd’s Dollar Store whitebox surf bananza.  I am looking forward to that!

Also, is it just me or could Casey be playing the game everso perfectly?  She isn’t getting a whole lot of air time… which might be just perfect. This means she is doing enough to go untouched through eliminations and she isn’t getting involved in all the drama. Could a sweetheart actually pull through for a win? I can’t wait to see more of her.

I actually thought Nina probably deserved to win this week.  Out of the winning room it would have had to be between her and Casey.  I think Casey’s interpretation of a xylophone being light and airy was perfect and well represented… and although I might not want a wall with squiggly lines on my walls… I thought it was a good interpretation of Nina’s instrument. 

I think these design challenges are very interesting. I am actually loving them. I do think you can find inspiration in the oddest of places and objects… I have found it in a bowl, a necklace, and even food. So why not musical instruments? Some of the new format is really growing on me.

Poor Trent. He seems so nice.  But is it just me, or did he seem like he wanted to go home?  This type of atmosphere is rough on the gentle giants.  I am sure Trent could have done a great TV show… but he is just another nice victim of this aggressive natured format.  Poor guy, I really liked him and I know his true talents weren’t showcased on this show.  I wish him the best of luck.

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