Design Star Episode 1: White Box Challenge

First off, sorry for the delay.  I have been traveling and am in Chicago, where in my hotel room, it took me over 2 hours to get through the premiere of Design Star 5 on my laptop!  It kept buffering the video every 20 seconds or so… SO FRUSTRATING!  But even from my computer I can tell the production quality is great! 

Mark Burnett’s team has done a fantastic job so far, minus one very BIG detail: Where is Clive?  And I know I am not the only person who is thinking this.  The show is hugely lacking without him.  I am sorry, but Vern is no Donald Trump… even as stiff as the Donald can be on camera at times, let’s face it, he still commands an absolute, alpha presence that Vern just doesn’t have.  He can get away with hosting his own show, but let’s face it Design Starwas simply much more charming with Clive Pearse, a truly charismatic and handsome British devil!

Another thing I really liked was the fact that all the designers had professional help to get their rooms complete.  Hello?!  Where was that when I needed it last year? My help… well, we don’t really need to go there. What’s the point?  But I am glad to see there was some reality to the reality show… at least in that aspect.

My favorite designers based off of what I saw last night (my decision was based off design ability and like-ability) were Tera (my personal fave), Tom, Dan, Courtland, Stacey, and Casey.   The jury is still out on Nina (we’ll discuss her later), Emily, Alex, Trent, and Michael. And after last night (Spoiler Alert), my opinion of Julie doesn’t really matter. 

Julie is first to be eliminated.

I think Julie is beautiful and seems really nice. However, her hosting skills and room did fall really short.  So I really have to agree with the judges… this one was really easy.  That’s what is great about doing a white room challenge to begin with.  It’s all on the designers and you really get a sense of their style and ability.  But, I can feel her pain.  Being the first to go sucks!  Straight up.  So keep your head held high, because girl you made it on the show!  I didn’t really get her conceptualized design either…  it didn’t look business chic or corporate professional at all. 

If I were doing a room for Tom, I would have probably envisioned a sleek business suit, much like what he was wearing as my inspiration.  Charcoal gray walls, crisp white linens, mixed with maybe some wool, sleek lines, and a pop of color (orange maybe?).  I’ve said it before… you can tell a lot about a person’s design style by the way they dress.  His outfit said everything about what the room should have looked like and I think he was rather nice about it.  Based off Julie’s outfit, Tom did a great job.  I disagree with the judges a little on their assessment of his room.

Overall, I am very excited for this season of  Design Star, but there is a major conundrum with the way this show is set up.  Here it is.  Nice people finish last.  You saw it last year… and my prediction is you’ll see it again unless they bring back the fan vote.  My guess is one by one the nice designers will drop.  Nina as a prime example of how playing dirty pays off.  I am with David Bromstead on this one… “Nina is Nasty”!  As far as her design was concerned, I thought it was pretty good.  However,  it looked like a girls room.  Vern even said it to Courtland, “If you let another designer roll over you, you’re going to be gone (pal)!”  From personal experience… this is sadly true.  Here is the conundrum.  The prize is a TV show of your own and you have to be like-able to have a viewing audience… however, to win this show with the current set up, you have to be kind of mean and play dirty.  I am preparing myself already to be disappointed with the outcome.  That is kind of a bummer.


“Making the house you have, the home you want!”

**A small side note: Although I really hated hearing it for myself, I miss the phrase, “Your show has been cancelled?” I guess it sounds better in a British accent.  Anyone agree with me?

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