Design Star 6 Episode 1 Recap

I was overall pleasantly surprised by the season premiere of Design Star. What a relief! From the way the rooms were divied out, to the obvious larger budget… to the fact that they were given a professional painter and carpenter (even though they were not really featured).

But most importantly to me the obvious change in attitude of the judges! They were professional, they still made their critiques, but there were no “below the belt” antics from seasons past. I loved that they had a host again, however, I don’t think they ever needed to replace the beloved Clive Pearse in the first place. Love that they have David Bromstad as a mentor. The feeling I had was “Why wasn’t this the format all along?”

Here is their rooms in order of my favorites to least favorites.

1. Karl & Kellie


I LOVED THIS ROOM! I wouldn’t change a thing. The color palette is fresh and fantastic. Functionality is well planned and thought out especially for this odd shaped room. Love the feature wall. Love the gray paint. Did I say LOVE?

This is a room I want to hang out in.

2. Leslie & Cathy


I really like this room too, but it just doesn’t have the same WOW factor of the first. It’s beautiful, classy, and lovely.

Cathy’s bench wasn’t thought through very well however.

3. Meg & Tyler


I really don’t think these pictures do this room justice. It looked way prettier on TV. I really like the fabrics in the creative headboard. I like the quatrefoil bedspreads. Am glad they got some bed skirts, that were missing in some of the other rooms.

Wish they had better accessories for the shelves which are pretty much blank. Either they ran out of time and couldn’t get them in or money? Should have hit up a thrift store and got some fun shaped items and spray painted a white lacquer… or hot pink geese anyone???? =)

4. Kevin & Bret


Okay, so I didn’t think this room was as bad as the judges. I don’t think I would have gone bright orange on the walls, but I actually really like the color palette. Maybe green or aqua on the walls however… because agreeing with the judges, orange isn’t exactly “RELAX” ing.

Wish they had a bed skirt. But look at the rest of the bedding… pillows with sheets, etc. I like this color palette, it’s fresh and original. I think if they had chosen a different wall paint they wouldn’t have been in the bottom. In addition, leaving the rest of the walls white makes it feel a little college dorm room to me.

5. Blanche & Mark


Blanche’s wallpaper treatment that got her sent home…. my guess is that this good designer (based off her portfolio) hires everything out and has little hands on experience which lead to her ultimate demise.

I like the bed frames, but this room feels so hodge podge and sparse. I can’t decide whether or not I liked the quatrefoil (even though I love quatrefoil as you have seen in my own personal bedroom on the wall) bedding in all the bedrooms or not. What it screams to me is it was the most stylish bedding Sears had, which is basically the only place to buy linens on Design Star’s pre-approved store list.

6. J & Doug


These last two rooms were a toss up as far as being the worst. Although I loved the wallpaper in this room…


I found the overall color palette extremely dull and the headboards and drape treatments very poorly made (like I have room to talk… they probably ran out of time like I did… but in my defense our room was probably 4x as big and I was virtually left alone to do the room without help).

Drapes… huh? Hmm….

AFTER: J Allen's upholstered headboard (at left) looks more like a curtain.

 Blanche goes home. I thought J should have. But she wasn’t in the bottom. But I wasn’t surprised Blanche did. It could have gone either way for me.

I would have liked to see more from Blanche though. What did you think?

Happy Saturday!

One thought on “Design Star 6 Episode 1 Recap

  1. Shelly says:

    I agree with your review! I am also very pleased with the demeanor of the Trio of Judges, as well as David as mentor. I think the season is off to a good start & am excited to see the White Box challenge tomorrow!

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