Design Star 5: Somebody Call 9-1-1!

Okay… so staying up until midnight to watch “Design Star” I dozed off for just a few minutes and I woke up to see Michael and Casey painting the floor of their room.  Oh crap!! Don’t do that.  Mini heart attack and flash backs of Tashica and my floor painting fiasco last season! 


The designers this week are tasked to design rooms for very deserving clients… FDNY firefighters. American heroes.

Casey, Michael, Emily, and Alex won the challenge with this room:

There were some cool graphic elements in this room.  From Casey’s fireman silouette, to Alex’s mural, to Emily’s coffee table… this room really deserved to win.

But being honest… it was a much easier space to design.  The floor turned out (Phew! Major relief), but man down when Michael shot a nail into his thumb.  Ouch!!! 


Way to go Alex for stepping up not only on your wall mural, but finishing Michael’s project! 


Now for the losing teams space…  it’s a toughy… and the judges (in their true fashion) let them have it!  Vern almost seemed to be shaking and spitting venom as he told them how unbelievably angry he was! 

 Here it is…

I really don’t have too much to say about this space. Let’s just say I’ve seen better… but here’s just a few points.

My biggest complaint: scale.  The #5 artwork is unbelievably small for how high the ceilings are.

The furniture is huge! And too many pieces for the space.

Nina’s artwork has no impact and is confusing.

 Taking into consideration her previous episodes and the fact she selected the furniture and artwork… it was no surprise she went home. 

Many on HGTV’s fan page are happy to see her go.  Many have very strong feelings about this season. Here’s what they are saying: 

Janell Adams said, “I just finished my recorded episode of Design Star from Sunday night. I’m done. I can’t watch this nonsense anymore. I’ve deleted the series from my Recording List and I couldn’t care less who wins, loses, or jumps off a building. The designers are disappointing, the format is disappointing but the most disappointi…ng? The judges. I used to love all of these designers in their own shows and “real” personalities. But their “Design Star” personalities are rude, mean-spirited and egotistical. Man – whoever got ahold of this show and tore out it’s guts – killed it.”

Joe Melito says, “Design Star is so disappointing this season, the designers are not creative or innovative at all and the challenges aren’t as good as prior seasons, it’s been a train wreck.”

Julie Chapa says, “Just watched this weeks Design star episode and I have to say these are the worse (sic) designers they’ve ever had! Totally dissapointed (sic)!

Ilene Roldan says, “Design Star, none the designers from this season deserves to have their own show.”

Positive comments are much harder to come by: 

Mary Sue  Till, “I love Design Star……”

I am interested in what you think… sound off here!



5 thoughts on “Design Star 5: Somebody Call 9-1-1!

  1. HGTV Bring Dan Back says:

    I think it is horrible that they voted off Dan who had never even been to the elimination round yet allowed the others to stay who had all be in the bottom two before. I think it is horrible that they would call something a team challenge and then judge it individually. I think it is horrible that they claim personalities don’t come into play or attitude conflicts when no one wants to watch someone that is a mean and nasty bully host a television show. Dan was personable. He was on the DIY Network Stud Finder 2009. He was the runner up. Amy Mathews stated that he was the only one that got her excited about what he was doing. I’m so over the show that I wouldn’t have even bothered watching it but I had high hopes that Nina would go home and she did. I’ll vote for Dan Faires on the fan vote daily but I’m definitely done with the show. I will say that Casey & Emily seem to have great design ideas and if someone other than Dan has to win I would hope it would be one of those two girls.

  2. NataLee says:

    I also feel the same about Tera… she was the best in week 1 and gone the next week before she ever had a chance.

  3. Shelly says:

    It seems that the producers have really set all these creative, talented people up to fail with these insane team challenges. The previews show yet another one for next week. You are right that the viewers are really, REALLY unhappy with the show. I wonder when/if HGTV will respond to the FB comments, as well as the negative comments on David’s vlog & Heather’s blog.

  4. NataLee says:

    I am dying to see what happens next week!! It looks like it is going to be an absolute trainwreck!!

  5. natalie says:

    Here’s the problem, MARK BURNETT!!! helloooo…. this is what he does. His talent is putting people in impossible situations to bring out their raw selves… unfortunately the person who watches Design Star, does it to be inspired, not frustrated. So this is why we hate seeing Vern be so mean, or these talented designers stiffled creatively. If you look at their portfolios they all have talent, but they want them to be strung out for ‘good TV’ which in turns makes bad design. You know better than anyone NataLee that designers are creative artist who need to feel loved, safe and accepted to produce their best work… this season sucks beacuse we aren’t seeing anything beautiful…it’s all ugly. If we wanted ugly, we wouldn’t watch HGTV!!!!!

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