Design Star 5: Getting Trumped

I could tell from the previews this was going to be a disaster and I was right… but the real question is whether or not the producers are setting these designers up for failure. 

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have a few big questions I’d like answered.  What are the budgets and time frames they are under? These were key elements in past seasons.  Not knowing this leaves us all thinking they have plenty of both. It doesn’t seem like a point of contention either.  So going off the assumption that they are well supplied with time and money, why are we over halfway through the season without a single wow moment or stand out designer.  I have tried to be patient, but somebody needs to step it up.

Question #2: Who is coming up with these challenges?  Sleek, sophisticated Trump level apartments inspired by tacky New York souvenir’s for an apartment building in New Jersey?  Seriously?  Some rose to the challenge (as best you can with this cheesy assignment), some didn’t. Here’s an example for both.


Another big question: Why the same challenge over and over again?  Looking at the challenges they have been placed in it is the same thing.  1 bedroom New York apartment… they all look the same to me. Has anyone else noticed this? I am severely bored. I am usually sooo easily entertained and positive, but I cannot lie.  I am frustrated and unsatisfied.

I feel bad for Donald Jr.  I am sure he was expecting to be unbelievably impressed by “Design Star” designers. Here’s what he got.

Winning Apartment:

It’s not bad.  Subdued and sophisticated… or safe? You decide. Either way you slice it, it is much better than the alternative.

Losing Apartment:

So no surprise here… Tom, Stacey, and Courtland are the bottom three.  Donald Jr. so disgusted he was overhauling the apartment immediately. To be honest I think my 10 year-old daughter could have done a better job.  But is it all their fault? I mean how many times can you design the same room? 

Which brings me to my next point.  We are missing something big in this season and I just put my finger on this week.  There is no human element.  They are decorating the same empty, newly renovated apartment with no clients. No reveals to happy and excited recipients… just the same empty apartment. Boring!

 The judges go Tashica on Stacey eliminating her before deliberation when she fails to defend her design choices.  But it’s not over yet. Tom goes too.  Courtland slides through with a warning: Bring it or go home. I can’t wait to see what he does next week.

 Stacey gave herself a 60% on her design this week… I have to give the same grade for this season of Design Star.  We have a few more episodes to change that…


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