Design Star 5: Dine and Dash

Finally!!!! We’re almost done with this season of DS and we are just now getting a glimmer of what these cats are capable of.  It was about time! After a beautiful brunch (that looked delish!!), the designers were sent of to their grandma’s (not really, but basically) apartments to give them a chic makeover. They both basically looked like this:

A designers worst nightmare or dream depending on the way you look at it.  You gotta love the snowmen couple in the background.

There were some really great moments in this episode…. did I say it’s about time already?  Here’s Emily’s chandelier creation:

And although it was a little unnerving the way he dismantled all those angles, here is Michael’s mirror genius.

I loved Casey’s rug covered end table.  That look is really hot right now.

My favorite room was no doubt, Michael and Emily’s.  I loved the bold green ceiling and gray walls, with the wing back chair at the head of the table and damask curtains. I loved it.  Fresh and clutter free.

I knew when Courtland started his faux finishing…. AGAIN… it was his kiss of death.  No matter what else he did, he was done. I also felt the paint colors were all wrong with the red brick.  But I do love the wing back in the corner and the rug end table.  I loved that they made a small table much larger.

I think Courtland hung on much longer on the show than it seemed like he would.  He is great in TV and I think whether it’s a design show or something else… he has a bright future in it.  Good luck and I wish him the best with his upcoming wedding!  Yay…

I still think Casey’s going to win… what do you think?


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