Dated Built-In Desk Turns Fresh Built-In Console

I was looking for  some cabinets to transform into not only more storage, but  something to use as a TV console as well. My budget was $40 for the cabinets, which I knew would be hard to do, but not impossible.

I looked for a couple weeks on Craigslist hoping to find something in the free section, which I have seen before, but I did end up finding this desk unit for $50, which did go over my budget, but it included a wood top, which I had not been planning on… plus they would deliver it, which was huge for me because I am pregnant and I don’t have a truck! SOLD!

Now this is not going to be much in the way of a tutorial, because I don’t feel qualified to speak on carpentry. I do it for myself, but I am VERY much an amateur. I hope to get better and improve as I go along. But I don’t think a finish carpenter would be too impressed with my finished product, but I am… and I don’t think the untrained critic would be too hard on me either! =)

Before I bought it they told me it had been dropped or something and the top had come off and the 3 cabinets were separated, which was also perfect, because it saved me the trouble of doing it myself. I took the middle drawer out and set it aside for a future project??? I flipped the other two cabinets around so that the drawers would be on the outside. Then attached the cabinets together with screws. (Do you like how I started using the cabinet before I had even fixed?)

Now the counter was too wide for the new unit. So I cut off the excess… I used a jigsaw, because that’s what I own right now, but I would recommend using either a circular saw or a table saw for a straighter more even cut.

I then removed all the doors, primed and painted them, added $20 in new hardware (and hinges), built a box to add height… It ended up taller than I had pictured in my mind, but I think I am going to add another shelf in the middle of the two end compartments to solve this problem.

Here is a picture of what our family room looked like when we bought it a few months ago…

And the wall now… and (stating the obvious) I am still have a ways to go.

But I think it’s a marked improvement.  I still need to  build window seats for either side, add window  treatments…

…and a bat and board wall treatment similar to this Pottery Barn one.

But I have to keep reminding myself… one thing at a time.

Happy Thursday!


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