Fun New Ways to Use Traditional Damask

Damask is a design trend that has been around for a long time and is still going strong and continues to evolve. In fact, I would say people/designers are only getting more brave and more bold in the use of it.

Growing up in Idaho there was actually a gold and cream damask wallpaper in our stairwell and hallway area.  It is a very traditional wallpaper. Today’s wallpapers are for the most part a little more unconventional and that is why I LOVE them!!

Here are some great uses of damask on the walls… 

This dining room is so bold in it’s use of color.

The turquoise and yellow palette is really hot right now… as is the use of white washed furniture (which is huge with Restoration Hardware right now).

Slightly more traditional wallpaper paired with the popular mirrored furniture.

Flocked mirrrored wallpaper… Adds an element of reflection.

Love this flocked damask wallpaper paired with a more contemporary feeling bathroom. 

More subtle silver and cream wallpaper.

Okay…. I LOVE this wallpaper.  In fact I have had something similar in my mind for my own home for awhile. I love how HUGE this damask pattern is on the wall; don’t love the furniture in the room.

Another fun wallpaper.

This Candice Olson designed room is great. I love the damask rug paired with the stripes and shiny metallic tiles.

Not only can you get away with using it on the floors, but another use you will see is the use of it in fabrics/linens.


…as well as bedding.

This room uses it not only in the bedding…

… but on the walls and upholstery too. The reason this works is because it is the same fabric in all applications. Although there are exceptions to every rule, this is really the only way you can pull this off.

 This is one of my favorite dining rooms of all time!

 Upholstery is another very common application.

These are kind of fun palettes.

 Very light and airy room.

I like the chairs in both the room above and below.

A little more bold…

You can even use as an art piece. I actually like the fact it’s sitting on the floor in this room.

 Hopefully I have given you some fun ways to use traditional, classic damask in a not quite so traditional way.



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