D2N Presents: Design Forum Community!

I started Designed to the Nines with the intention of teaching/sharing ideas about great interior design… To show the ins and outs of the process… and to inspire and give people the confidence they can do it too. Hopefully I have succeeded in some (hopefully all) of these areas.

This is why I am SO excited to present the newest feature to D2N! I hope you are equally as excited about it!  It’s Designed to the Nines’ Design Forum.

You can scour tons of different websites… or you can come here for all your design/DIY/home improvement needs!  Don’t know where to place a piece of furniture? Not sure what color of paint to choose? Go to the Design Forum!

But this isn’t meant just to be a “how to guide”.  I want it to be one GIANT conversation about design. So do you have a design project you are proud of? A room design that rocks? Show it off in the forum and inspire others.

It is exclusive to Designed to the Nines followers… You  DO have to sign in and create an account.  There is an option to sign in as a guest, but it still requires so minimal information. It is 100% FREE, of course!

Right now, it’s still new so I encourage everyone to sign in and POST your questions, POST your projects, and POST reponses/suggestions to other’s design dilemmas. The idea is to POST, POST, POST! The more we get posted, the deeper the conversation and resource for everyone.

Here’s how it works:

*Sign in to the forum.  It will send you a confirmation email.

 *Start the conversation!

Do this by replying to an existing topic or creating a new one.

 It’s set up similar to an email.

 You can add website links…

or even add photos.

I am looking also for qualified people willing to be moderators as well. So shoot me an email if your interested at nataleecallahan (at) gmail.com.

I look forward to chatting with you over in the Design Forum! Go here to check it out.

Happy Monday!



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