Cutest Pantry I Have Ever Seen!!

Is this cute or what?!  It has two of my favorite things right now… gray paint and quatrefoil pattern. I am crazy about this.  It reminds of something my mother-in-law would like too.  Her kitchen is so organized.  But more importantly, she does not like product packaging.  So everything in a package goes into a clear jar or container… much in the fashion of this amazing piece of art.

This comes from


This is the before picture. As you can see it’s not too disorganized, it’s a typical dark pantry that you keep the door closed on. 

First the shelves were painted out white; followed the back wall in a gray paint. 

She used vinyl for the quatrefoil design because she owns a vinyl cutter. You could use wallpaper if you could find a pattern you like.

At the bottom I have attached a link to for a quatrefoil stencil or I have attached one you could print off and cut your own stencil.

All staple items were placed in beautiful glass or metal containers and wood or metal baskets.  This is key to the overall look. She labeled them (most with vinyl lettering.)

Finished product:

This pantry is worthy of showing off all the time.  A true work of art… an absolute NataLee Necessity.  If I were planning on staying in my place for more than a couple months (and if it weren’t so tiny) I would do this right away.  But guaranteed, I will do this in my next place.  Don’t you think it could work in a laundry room.  What do you think?


Making the house you have, the home you want!


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