Crossing Over to the Dark Side

Okay… let’s just get this out of the way: My blood runs blue… through and through. I am BYU alumni and I know the rivalry runs deep… but I have to be honest… I had a lot of fun crossing over to the dark side and letting a little Utah Ute blood run in my veins.  

This family/game room was designed for the Ingrams, an adorable family, whom both parents are University of Utah alumni.  They had some fun memorabilia and we decided to make the room loosely themed around their alma mater. 

I remember when I first pitched the fabrics and ideas I got kind of a puzzled look from Amy’s (my client) mother-in-law who had attended the consultation.  Red, Black, Brown, and Cream at first glance might not be someone’s idea of a great color scheme… but I was thrilled when Amy said to go for it!

We are still missing a few items, so more pictures will come, but here are the results (I apologize for the somewhat small pictures, but it was either super huge or this size for some reason… still new at this I guess.)

One way to get a designer look is to mix numerous fabrics together.  They don’t have to match, they just need to look good together as a whole.

These pop art pictures are of their adorable children.  I will do an article on pop art very soon… so watch for that.

Lots of wood trim was added to give it sort of a men’s club feel.

You can’t really tell from this picture, but the fabric is actually a very tiny houndstooth print with all the colors.  Love it!

This room has a lot of personality.  From the houndstooth, to the stone wall, to the bold colors… it all works well together.

Now this is fun.  On this wall above the kitchen sink is the University of Utah fight song.  It acts as more of a wallpaper, but is a fun element that adds even more personality.

A funny little side note: when I went to finish things off today, I showed up in my BYU polo. It was an accident, but maybe it was  subconscious way of declaring my loyalty to BYU in the sea of red.

This room really has me thinking I may need to do something like it in my own home… just a different color palette! 😉


“Making the house you have, the home you want!”

2 thoughts on “Crossing Over to the Dark Side

  1. Amy says:

    We are thrilled with our room and are grateful for your willingness to set aside the cool BYU navy and embrace some hot UTE crimson! It is the perfect mix of comfort, class, and theme. You are the best! We appreciate all your help in making the house we have into the HOME we want!

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