Creative Ideas for Under Staircases

A lot of the time the area underneath the stairs becomes wasted space. Or it becomes an abyss to store things in, but scary to ever get something out because everything is so packed in there and it means hauling everything out and then putting it back again after your done.  I propose some different options instead.

*Food Storage* 

Doors that open from the side making getting to what you need much easier than pulling everything out to get to what you need.

This option slides in and out.

This is an attractive option that offers  a combination of drawers and cupboards.

Even as simple as baskets…

Plus doors…


This could have been completely wasted space, but this makes for a completely efficient working office.

A smaller version.


Mudroom style, but hopefully without the mud!

With a small bench jutting out.



Space tight on your main floor? Bathrooms add value. What do you think of this space saving option?

*Entertainment Center*

*Fish Tank*

*Kids Playroom*

This was a fun playroom in the basement of a Parade of Homes house I did a couple years ago.

I love the round porthole in the picture below.  Very classy in this dressy entry way… yet would still make a great playroom.

Hopefully some of these ideas inspire you to spruce up the dead space under your stairs.


“Making the house you have, the home you want!”

One thought on “Creative Ideas for Under Staircases

  1. Jen says:

    I love the first picture with the hinged doors. Would you happen to have any other pictures of the project that you would not mind sharing?

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