Christmas Tree Too Short? Decorating a Christmas Tree and Adding Height + Free Printable

I love Christmas time and decorating! I have so many fun things planned for this month, so make sure you stay tuned!

I am excited to share my Christmas Tree tutorial with you… and free printables!

Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas of tutorials you would like to see on here.

Here are the basic steps on how to do this:

I have been using this technique for years and years. Take tulle, burlap, or decorative mesh and weave it into your tree for softness. I kind of billow it in and out kind of in a snake-like pattern from the top of the tree to the bottom.  This is what I used:

It comes in a lot of different colors so you can definitely find one that matches your decor. I like the juxtaposition of the soft fabric next to the rough bristly needles. I do this in lieu of garland… but you could still add garland if you like it. There are no rules here!

I love a good banner on my Christmas Tree. I have been doing this for a few years now. My last one was much more rustic. This one is way more glitzy. I guess you could say sometimes “I’m a little bit country… I’m a little bit rock and roll!” Ha ha.

I am giving this banner away for free… please scroll to the bottom to download. But it’s pretty simple to put together:

  1. Print and cut out the banner, including the template for the glitter paper portion.
  2. Use the template to cut out the glitter paper color of your choice using the template. (**Doesn’t have to be glitter paper. If your tree is a bit more country than rock and roll, attach these letters to whatever paper backer you like.)
  3. Glue the letters to the paper you selected following the advice of the template. I used hot glue to assemble my banner because of the glitter paper and I also knew it would be stronger for the next step…
  4. Connect “Merry” together with satin ribbon or you could use twine or rope depending on the look you are going for leaving about a foot of tail on either side. Repeat with Christmas.
  5. Tie to the tree.

This banner could also be attached together to make one long banner to hang on the wall, over a mirror, or on a fireplace mantle!

I always like to add bows/ribbon to my Christmas tree. It adds color, interest and a little more softness. If you are not sure how to make a ribbon there are lots of tutorials out there… who knows I will probably make one too sometime. There is a short clip of me doing this in the above video tutorial.

You can pick just one ribbon or use up to 3… I would probably suggest limiting it to that though. I used two on the body of this tree but used I think three in the topper bow.

When I place my decorations (including the bows). I try to place them in a zig-zag pattern down the tree. This helps with spacing. It’s not a hard rule, more of just a guide to help you attain some level of symmetry on your tree. I usually start at the top and go down. I like to use large ornaments and place those first. This time I used large Christmas balls and big snowflakes.

If you start your zig-zag on the right start your next ornament selection on the left and so forth until you are done. As you go, step back assess your tree and make sure it feels right to you. If not, make any necessary adjustments.

I always like to do something a little unexpected on my Christmas trees. This time I found some large white glittery magnolia flowers and placed them in my tree. Other times I have done giant words like Noel and Joy. Another time I have used musical instruments and sheet music. Maybe it’s a hobby you love… get creative, think outside the box.

To fill it in and add additional color and interest I use smaller ornaments in various colors. This year I used a few from my bins… little white bells and mercury glass and I bought two kinds of green balls from Target.

As you know we moved this year and with that, we bought a home where the ceilings are I think around 9 feet tall. This posed a problem for my 7’ft tree… which worked in our last home just fine. I just can’t bring myself to fork over money for a taller tree when I know Big Lots marks all their trees down to 70% off right after Christmas. I think I spent like $35 for my current tree which is beautiful, but too short.

So I am making do this year and will buy a bigger tree after Christmas for next year. To make it seem a little beefier, I place two heavy boxes under the tree and gorilla taped it to them. On top, I got 3 sprigs of Christmas Greenery that were pretty straight and just tucked them into the top of the tree and added a large bow and star to finish it off. These two things added just under two feet of much-needed height and I will be able to get away with this tree for this year.

Other than desiring a larger tree, I am really happy with the overall look of the tree, how it ties into my existing decor so I don’t have to go crazy switching out pillows etc.

This tree makes me happy which is what we are going for!




Stay tuned for more Christmas tutorials/videos on their way!









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