Christmas Stockings

I am a firm believer in integrating your holiday (doesn’t matter which one) decor into your existing decor. This creates harmony.  So I used leftovers from other projects to create my stockings this year. I spent absolutely NO money on this project… which is perfect.

Here they are!!

They kind of look white in the above photo, but they are the same oatmeal colored painters drop cloth fabric. Here’s how I did it… super easy!

I used a stocking I got from the dollar store  a few years ago to use as a gift bag as my template. I wanted mine a little taller so I added a couple inches.

Make sure you make some relief cuts so it lays nicely when you turn it right side out.

Then I took 10″ of fur left over from a dog bed I made (for our little ninkumput dog who we had to send away because he was not nice) and made it into a 5″ cuff.

I then pinned it to the stocking. I have been sewing for a really long time and can often forgo, but there are some times it’s best not to skip this. This was one of those times. It would have been a nightmare had I not even though it seems simple.

I used my trusty projector, but you could use a Silhouette or Cricut too. I used a paint pen to trace the outline and fill it in, but it was a little too faded looking. So I went over it with my Martha Stewart Eagle Brown Metallic paint leftover from my bathroom vanity to make a crisper Monogram.  You can see the difference here:

I then added  some design diamonds to my stockings.  The word “bling” is now a swear word to me forever ruined by one who shall forever remain nameless… So I am trying on the term “design diamonds”.  In this case it is a little more literal than normal.

I made the C’s different on purpose…. So there was some way to tell them apart.

I am wondering now if going  with our first initials was a mistake… should I have gone with D and M for  Dad and Mom?  Hmmm…. Guess I should have thought a little longer on that topic.

Overall, I am really happy with the way the stockings turned out.


I hope this inspires you to find some scrap fabric lying around your house that matches your existing decor to make Christmas stockings with.

Happy Wednesday night!

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