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Argyle Addiction: Part II

  So a couple months ago I confessed my argyle addiction… guess I haven’t kicked the habit yet! 😉  Here are some other great uses of argyle. The above room, designed by Candice Olsen, is another great design by her.  Classy and chic.  And although my experience meeting her wasn’t the greatest… the lady has […]

Trend Watch: Color Palette to Love!

I am absolutely in love with this fresh new color scheme.  I haven’t found too many rooms in this palette, but I am here to tell you this is a trend to watch!  It is hot! hot! hot!  Orange, Turquoise/Aqua, and Green. Dee-rish! Here are some examples of this in action. My favorite room right […]

Friday’s Frivolty: Drum Shade Chandeliers

My Friday Frivolty (my way of saying frivolous necessity) is the drum shade chandelier!!  It is smart and sophisticated, sleek and elegant… and a total mussst (not a typo) have!!!  It is my ode to joy. Here is the one I want from Here is it in black also: And at only $119 it […]