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More Designer Pantries

 Remember a couple of months ago when we featured House of Smith’s ( amazing pantry makeover? Well, her beautiful makeover not only inspired me, but motivated a movement of pantry makeovers.  I was hoping to follow suit in our new home in Arizona, but the home we’re trying to buy doesn’t have a traditional pantry… so […]

Nate Berkus Says, “Gray is the New Neutral.” Sound familiar?

See? See!  What did I tell all of you over 6 months ago? =)  The TV design “experts” are finally catching on… In fact, Nate’s whole show was devoted to the color gray. Even going to how it is a hot color to wear now, which also speaks to the other topic we have discussed: How fashion […]

Trend Watch: Mercury Glass

Mercury glass has been hot since last year, but it is still going strong and I love it!!  It has a mirrored effect so it creates a beautiful reflective surface in your home.  Mercury glass originated in the 1800s  because mercury is what mirrors used to be make of…. now is used as a decorative […]

Damask Dresser

One of my favorite blogs to follow is Twice Lovely.  They makeover old furniture with an artistic flare. This is another great example of what they do… I love it. It is so me. Here is a general description of what they did. This is the before: This is the after: This is the how: […]

NataLee’s Necessity: Paintable Quatrefoile Wallpaper

Okay. So I was in Lowe’s the other day shopping for carpet and walked through the Wallpaper section, which isn’t all that big and I had to do a double take when I saw this: I had  mini-heart attack from excitement. A beautiful quatrefoil wallpaper for only $19.95… but wait there’s more (my infomercial for […]