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Awesome Tween/Teen Girl Bedrooms

While you are all waiting on me to get a little further along on my daughters awesome bedroom, I though I would share more awesomeness with you and some rooms that were inspirational in the planning of hers. I thought long and hard about doing this Moorish wall treatment because it is SOOOO much fun! […]

Trend Watch: Fresh Colors for Painted Cabinets

I have had several people ask me lately what color to paint their cabinets. You have heard me profess my love for the traditional white cabinet. title=”6365987_kbkLeygs_c” src=”” alt=”” width=”478″ height=”561″ /> To me, it’s classic, fresh, and clean. If you have kids or pets, white might not be practical or more upkeep than you […]

Gray Weathered Wood Entry Table

  Do you have old home decor items just hanging around because you just know one day you’ll be able to use them again? I know you are all nodding your heads. So when should we hang on to these items and when should we just let go? Well this is a tale of two rusty […]

Oversized Damask Wall Mural

Okay, so I have been so excited about this project and wanting to post it for a long time, but hesitating to do so because it isn’t complete yet. But since you can see part of it in the pictures of another project I am going to introduce to you, I decided I might as […]

Extreme Makeover: Living Rooms and Master Suites

Here are some more amazing rooms from Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  I will try to make helpful comments along the way of what I like/don’t like and what makes the space great. Living Rooms This room was plucked right out of my design heaven! I love every square inch, no every cubic inch, of this room. […]