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Oversized Damask Wall Mural

Okay, so I have been so excited about this project and wanting to post it for a long time, but hesitating to do so because it isn’t complete yet. But since you can see part of it in the pictures of another project I am going to introduce to you, I decided I might as […]

NataLee’s Favorite Things…

In honor of Oprah’s favorite things… you’re seeing across the blogosphere everyone’s favorite things.  Here is my list of favorite things: 1. I know it’s not a product, but I would feel wrong about having any favorite list without my most favorite thing in the world being listed first… and that is my wonderful family! […]

$1 Reclaimed Wood Word Box

  I was at the Deseret Industries (thrift store) the other day looking for canning jars to can apples in, and I spotted this amazing box for $1!  It was really old looking  and looked like it had been made from an old sign. But for some reason they had faced the words on the inside…  […]

Trend Watch: Mercury Glass

Mercury glass has been hot since last year, but it is still going strong and I love it!!  It has a mirrored effect so it creates a beautiful reflective surface in your home.  Mercury glass originated in the 1800s  because mercury is what mirrors used to be make of…. now is used as a decorative […]

Damask Dresser

One of my favorite blogs to follow is Twice Lovely.  They makeover old furniture with an artistic flare. This is another great example of what they do… I love it. It is so me. Here is a general description of what they did. This is the before: This is the after: This is the how: […]