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The Young Survivor Sisters

                        While breast cancer under the age of 40 is very rare–less than 5%– it is often more aggressive. Back in 2006 while working on my bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and interning at KSL News in Salt Lake City, Utah, I was able […]

Why I Got a Mammogram… And You Should Too!

We’re getting personal here at Designed to the Nines. We’re not talking design, but we’re talking about things really important to me… Breast Cancer Awareness. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so all month long I will be making posts on this topic. I wanted to start with my personal experience and recent cancer “scare” if […]

The F-Word: But It’s Not What You’re Thinking

Not talking interior design today… And I have been waffling over whether or not to even share this so openly my personal story, but Glenn Beck coming forward and (mostly) so openly sharing his story of struggling with chronic pain, which he didn’t come right out and say the “F-Word” (Fibromyalgia) in his special he […]