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More Designer Pantries

 Remember a couple of months ago when we featured House of Smith’s ( amazing pantry makeover? Well, her beautiful makeover not only inspired me, but motivated a movement of pantry makeovers.  I was hoping to follow suit in our new home in Arizona, but the home we’re trying to buy doesn’t have a traditional pantry… so […]

New Giveaway!! (Studio 5 Replacement)

So… many of you already know, but we had a little oops! with the re-broadcast of my Studio 5 Challenge from a few weeks ago.  Since we already gave away the furniture, it’s obviously not available to give away.  I didn’t want to disappoint new visitors to this website, so Shelley Anderson–our recent guest blogger– was nice […]

How to “Slip-holster”

Okay, so I am HORRIBLE about taking before pictures of my projects because I get too darn excited to get going on my projects. I am even worse about taking pictures as I go.  I commit right now to be better at this. But after my Studio 5 $100 Classified Ad Challenge last week I […]

Make Your Own Mirrored Furniture!

*Update 10/3/2018* 8 years later, this is still one of my most popular posts! These nightstands now reside in our vacation home in Maine and have gone through 6 moves and going strong. They may need a fresh coat of paint in the near future, but the mirrors are still intact! Maybe I need to […]