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Pottery Barn “Noel” Sign Knock Off Out of Foam Core… Say What?

Basically, I am using my opaque projector for everything these days. Too bad it is such a dinosaur and is HUGE! =) Maybe one day I’ll be able to get an Art O Graph projector.  Until then… You guys are going to be so impressed by the photography for this tutorial… PA- THET-IC!  I don’t […]

Elmer’s #Look4Less #GlueNGlitter Challenge: Pottery Barn Moss Letters Knockoff

We all get the shiny design catalogs in the mail and salivate like hungry little children over the beautiful pages. I know I do for sure. But then we get sticker shock. Say what? That’s how much? Well… that’s why there are design/DIY blogs like Designed to the Nines to help you figure out how […]