Can a Girl Do a DIY Pool Screen Repair By Herself?

How hard is changing out the screen on a pool cage or patio? Can a girl do it? Will I have to enlist the help of my hubs? This video shows you how to fix your pool screen yourself. It was quite the adventure braving mother nature, but in the end, I do show you how to replace pool screen panel with the help of some amazing tools that make the job of pool screen repair DIY A LOT easier. Hopefully, this is the most entertaining DIY pool screen repair video you will ever watch!

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*MUST HAVE* Screen Clips:

Roller Tool:

Mesh Screening (enough for a few sections):

Flat Spline:

Utility Knife:


In the end, I was able to pull it off. All by my little self!  =) Check back next week for some Pool Patio Decor ideas!









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