Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Rooms

I think everyone knows someone firsthand who has fought or is fighting breast cancer… and as I learned from my time as an intern at KSL5 TV when I did a story on “The Young Survivor Sisters” it can affect anyone at any age… even under the age of 40.  So with that in mind, I decided to do some pink home/interior designs to get you inspired to do a self breast exam/mammogram.

Because of family history and some concerns I had while performing a self breast exam a few years ago, I have already had a mammogram. I will start having them regularly at 35 instead of the recommended 40.

Let’s get started…

How would you like to live in this hot pink row house? I actually don’t hate it… it’s not for me but kind of fun, right?

I am really obsessed with stripes right now, and I LOVE this bathroom. If RyLee didn’t have to share her bath with her little brothers, I’d so be doing this for her!


Are you doing a breast exam right now??? =)

I think this living room is a classy living room without being too over the top girly.


I love this zebra rug in this Jonathan Adler design with the all white giraffe.

Wow! This is a little bright… to wake you up and get your attention!

Have you asked your mom if she’s had her mammogram? I have.



Have you asked your sister?

Your friend?

 How fun is this office? I love how they embraced the inherited pink carpet, but you don’t even notice it that much… Chalk board paint and a pink desk. Crisp and clean.

I am in the process of creating a “Cloffice” myself… not in pink, but this space is classy don’t you think?



 How cute is this kitchen with Breast Cancer Awareness retro pink appliances?

I love retro appliances… I wish they weren’t so pricey.

How are your “oobies” feeling these days? Checked them lately?

Call your grandma and ask her if you can take her to her yearly mammogram.


How fun is this pink play on mediterannean design kitchen?






I love this brave designer!


I love a brave women who valiantly fight breast cancer…


Like my grandma…. and great aunt.

This awesome Bling Diva mixer has me thinking about my own dull mixer…

Couldn’t you just see it in this AMAZING kitchen! I love this kitchen, and if I didn’t think my husband would kill me if I copied this in my house, I would totally go for it. It is a ridiculous amount of awesomeness!


Well, I hope these pink rooms have you inspired to check yourself and remind your loved ones too. Sometimes you can get by sticking your head in the sand and ignoring things…. this is NOT one of those things you should brush aside. Just do it!! =)

If you don’t know how to do a self beast exam, here is a great set of instructions.

This article was written in loving memory of my Grandma  Green and Great Aunt Maxine who both fought valiantly, but unfortunately are no longer with us because of breast cancer. But it is really for anyone who has bravely battled cancer like my cousin Alex who also lost the battle with cancer. Feel free to leave a comment/memorial to someone you know who is fighting or fought cancer. This is not meant to depress, but rather honor those affected by cancer.

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness month!

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