Before and After: Vintage Golf Toy Box

This project has been a long time in the making! I am happy that I finally get to post it on here!

I found this 90s country throw back storage chest at our local thrift store: Deseret Industries. It was in pretty rough condition as you can see… and frankly not even close to my taste. But at $10 for a solid wood piece, I knew it had potential for something. I decided upon a toy box for my son’s soon to be room.

I thought a little sanding here and some paint stripper there and Wha-La! A fantastic toy box in no time.

Think again! Many times I thought I should have painted it, but I am glad I didn’t and you’ll see why.

I started out by sand with a heavy grit (60) sandpaper, then went to a medium (100) grit, and then to a fine (150) grit. This is what it looked like:

So then I though… no problem, I’ll just slap some paint stripper and it will come right off. Nope. This blue paint was baked on! I ended up doing several layers of  paint stripper and sanding by hand. You can see in the picture below that it all didn’t come off, but by the time I stained it you can’t tell at all.

In the picture above you’ll notice that the heart shape was not coming off. So what I did to resolve it was to soak paper towels in bleach and lay it on the wood. This worked, but you need to let it completely dry and sand it again, because it raises the wood grain.

I didn’t spend anytime on the inside.  Which worked out fine. I just slapped some stain right over the top of the existing stain.

Here it is after stain and 2 coats of polyurethane.

It sat like this for weeks while I tried meeting up with the lady who made my stencil… if I had my own vinyl cutter I could have whipped this right out.

I rubbed on the vinyl stencil and pulled off the backing.

Pebble Beach is my husband’s all time favorite golf course… and it has a rich history which makes it perfect for a vintage golf toy box.

I painted two light coats of paint over the vinyl… and then waited for it to just barely dry… then peeled off the stencil.

Oh no! Didn’t come off as clean as I had hoped…

…and the part that was supposed to say “Golf Links” was a disaster!! I think it was because it was just too skinny.

My husband wasn’t super duper pleased with my solution… I’m okay with it. I just hand painted it back on. I think it could look better, but I don’t think it looks horrible either.

To soften the bright colors I took my antiquing chalk for scrapbooking and ran it across it. This give a feel of age too. 

For the handle I bought a vintage wood golf club at the D.I. again. I had my husband, a self admitted golf addict, use his golf tools to cut it down to the right length.

I screwed this to the lid from behind… pre-drilling of course.

You could do this with a lot of themes.

The before again:

The after:

Massive difference!

Here’s my cute little guy showing off his new toy box…

…and trying to take his “toy” off the box.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

$10- Wood Box

$1- Vintage Golf Club

$4- Walnut Stain

$12- Stencil

$0- Leftover Polurethane

$27- Total

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!


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3 thoughts on “Before and After: Vintage Golf Toy Box

  1. shelley anderson says:

    It turned out so good. Great job not passing up that ugly box, I usually have vision, but I think I may have passed that one up. Anyhow LOVE it. Hope everything is going well with you.

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