Autumn Wonderland Wedding, Part 2: The Reception

Ok now for the big reception.





















Their reception was held at the old Wilson theatre that has recently been renovated in Rupert, Idaho. It is one cool place.

As I already mentioned, it was in October and so we really took advantage of the fall colors in the color scheme and used pumpkins and a lot of them. I can’t recall the exact number but it was around 75 I believe.

This is the beautiful buffet table where we had soup, homemade rolls, fruit, veggies and mini pies as refreshments.


As you can see we used purple rose textured table toppers and we rotated orange and purple sashes by table.

We had originally planned to do just purple everywhere, but due to a shortage of purple sashes, we had to add in the orange but my sister was happy with it.

I have been doing floral arrangements in pumpkins for years and I was really excited to do it again. I did not even clean the pumpkins. I just stuck floral foam inside and arranged it right on top of the guts of the pumpkin. 🙂
This white pumpkin with a lot of fun. I would love to recreate it again in the future.

All it was was a white pumpkin (real) that I took pearl headed pins and poked thru the shell in a freehand diamond staggered pattern. I think this would work really well with a foam pumpkin.























This is what we used as the backdrop for the line.


Sorry for the poor photo quality but another vantage point of the room.


Self-explanatory cake table and another cute pumpkin arrangement. Underneath the white frosting was a zebra stripe cake…that was fun!

For those who were in need of a sugar rush, it was amply provided for his him. As fun as this was, I’m sure the parents of all the little ones who shoved their pockets and mouths full were not too happy later. 🙂
And shot of the food table again.


Our veggie cups included tiny miniature whole cucumbers. When we found these at Costco I had never heard of them before. But I guess it makes sense since you see pickles that size!

Instructions at the entrance.
Me awkwardly posing with some of my handiwork.


We served soup out of pumpkins that we had lined with crockpot liners and then we labeled which soup on the outside with a paint pen.

And then of course for dessert, we had little miniature pies… apple, pumpkin, and cherry. Cherry was my brother in law’s favorite!
I actually teared up when I saw this photo. I didn’t know it was taken. I am standing with two of the most important people in my life in my formative teenage years, next to my parents of course. These two had a huge impact on my life the woman I have become.

The woman, Kristine, was my dance teacher and basically my second mom… I spent many hours working on costumes with her, staying the night at her house (her daughter Melissa was one of my very best friends), traveled to Europe with her for a month when I was 19, and she was very much was a mentor in my life.

The man, Rob, on the right very patiently, helped me develop my singing voice taking it from small and mouse-y to a big belting voice. Singing is hugely important to me… just ask my children. These two individuals are VERY talented between them and through their many year investment in me, helped me become the woman I am today.

And that’s it folks…



The things you do for your sister…
I thought this was reserved for the groom, but it’s not what you think!

I’m just fixing my sister’s bustle.

Bask in my humiliation! 😉


























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