Autumn Wonderland Wedding, Part 1: The Wedding and Flowers

My baby sister Nikelle just celebrated her first-anniversary last week. And she hit the jackpot and knows it! 🙂 She is still in newlywed bliss (where I hope she stays forever and ever) and is expecting her first baby. Although we basically live on opposite ends of the country, it comforts a big sister to know that she has a guy who is treating her like the queen that she is.





























I was involved a lot in the wedding planning and design. I did all the florals and was actively involved in designing and planning the event… And trying to make her wedding dreams come true. I hope she was pleased in the end… I think she was. 🙂
One of Nikelle’s favorite colors is orange (one of her high school colors).





























Her vivid color choice was bold and fun just like her.
You know how you always hear about not ever being able to wear a bridesmaid dress again? It helps if you have a say… I love this dress.
Big happy family, but missing a few members (wish I could’ve flown my entire family out for the big day!)
I have the cutest grandma ever! One of the first women in our Idaho community to graduate from college. She has been an outstanding role model to myself and all of the women in our family!
What a happy day to share with my sister.
Bam! Those colors scream fall in the happiest way possible!




























The happy couple…
My creation…
More flowers.
And my most amazing parents ever! Aren’t they cute?

Stay tuned for Part 2: the wedding reception!


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