Autumn Decorating

In honor of the first day of October… even though it’s already Fall, it doesn’t feel like it’s official until now… I have scoured the Internet and am posting some fun and fantastic design inspirations! Check back  because I will do a more lengthy article on “How to Dress Your Home for the Holidays” (I include the fall holidays too).  Here are some fun ideas to wet your appetites!! Enjoy!

Overall room ideas: 

The following is a good example of using what you have in your yard to decorate…

Create vignettes with existing decor items.

Black and white graphics mixed with a few holiday (like pumpkins and leaves) specific pieces create impact, with low cost!

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor patio… don’t forget about it! Nothing is more fun than enjoying the fall weather next to a cozy outdoor fire!

 Craft Projects for the Walls:

This set of three are just paper punches of bats, spiders, etc… you could do any “icky” items…

I are backed by burlap and displayed as you would a real bug collection.

I am not sure how they did this exactly, but you could easily do the words on Microsoft Word…. changing fonts and colors…. and decoupage the outer scrapbook paper onto a canvas and add a few fun Halloween stickers.

Fun stenciling project.

This wreath is made out of a bunch of ribbon loops and some glittered letters.  Time consuming… maybe… Fun… definitely!

Designer Pumpkins:

I am not a huge fan of carved pumpkins… call me the Halloween Scrooge… I hate the itchy slimy goop and the way it rots away. But I am a definite fan of these fun alternatives!

Spray paint them any color that matches your decor and apply vinyl or stencil decorative accents.

How cute are these?

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile you know I love argyle!  Now you’re even seeing on pumpkins? =)

 Glitter toes? How about glittered pumpkins?!!

 Get out the Modge Podge…

Black lace over a white pumpkin… Can pumpkins be classified as sexy?

Metallic on a pedestal… this goes with any decor if you don’t want to be too theme-y.

Other fun ideas:

Hope this has got your juices flowing… more to come!


Making the house you have, the home you want!

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