Argyle Addiction: Part II


So a couple months ago I confessed my argyle addiction… guess I haven’t kicked the habit yet! 😉  Here are some other great uses of argyle.

The above room, designed by Candice Olsen, is another great design by her.  Classy and chic.  And although my experience meeting her wasn’t the greatest… the lady has design chops… what can I say?

Isn’t this nursery wall the cutest?  It’s adorable to say the least… but can you say “TIME CONSUMING”?

I think the result was worth the effort!!  Beautifully done. (Done by

I can’t decide if these are ridiculous… or ridiculously awesome!!

I know they’re kind of silly, but they do have some function too, right? (protect the wood floor and all)

What a great Father’s Day gift.  Easy, inexpensive, and smart! Don’t tell my husband… because he will probably get one!

How about an argyle rug?

I think it’s a fun look… don’t you?

Would love to see some of your argyle pictures!!


“Making the house you have… the home you want!”