Antique Mall Score! Old Signage Letters.

Have any of you wonderful readers of mine had the opportunity to see The Novogratz’s new show on HGTV? If you have, you will have noticed that they have a love for old signage and lightboxes. I have to say, I became a fan!

So when I was in an antique mall on Sossaman and Main in Mesa and saw these amazing letters… and saw that there was not only a “g”… 

for my husband, Greg. But an “n” for me.

Aaawww!!! Perfect.

I hung them in their “un”designed new home… and plugged them in. Do you remember these valances from my project fail? They are so gone… I just haven’t gotton to it yet. They are up for grabs to anyone who wants them. They are a little too country for me.

But back to my signage.  When my husband came and saw this somewhat of a PDA, he said to me, “You… are a dork!” He gets embarrassed somewhat easily. But my hubby is such a cutie why not profess my love publicly? This post would definitely fall into the realm of cheek blushing for him. Oh well… What’s a girl to do… especially when she finds great design diamonds (thank you Tafi=) like these letters! We just won’t tell him about this post. 😉

Jealous much?

If you like this idea… Keep your eyes peeled for them at your local antique store or flea market. Maybe it’s just your last initial… or maybe it’s a cool vintage sign… either way, I think the concept is awesome!

Okay…  I have also been teasing my sectional redo for quite some time on Facebook. Here is the before picture…

Yes. The fabric really is as bad as it looks! I’ll go off more on that on the reveal. But I promise it is basically new now.  Well, almost.  I have just the skirting left to do still.  I will be revealing it this week . Promise!

It’s dramatic.

Also, Designed to the Nines is getting a makeover, so watch for that coming soon! =)

Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “Antique Mall Score! Old Signage Letters.

  1. shelley anderson says:

    when my husband and I were newly dating and I left for the summer, I’d write him letters and just to embarrass him, I’d kiss the envelope all over with lipstick….he still lived at home and his mom was pretty proper….hahahhaha PDA is awesome!!!

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