And the Winner is…

Emily!! Congratulations! I know that it took a ton of hard work.

I am pleased with this years winner, even though I thought Michael did an excellent job (I actually preferred his apartment).

Emily’s Apartment:

Michael’s Apartment:

But here’s what I don’t get… New York metro area has nearly 20 million people living in it, right? So why, oh why, did they not get REAL clients for this final challenge? Really, why didn’t they have really clients all season (minus the firefighters- which was really cool)?  I summarize this season as 101 ways to design the same blank wall 1 bedroom New York apartment.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all in the very same building.

Instead, for the finally we got another apartment that looks exactly the same as all the rest that they have done for pretty much every challenge.  Although I liked some of the elements of Mark Burnett’s version of Design Star… for the most part this season is a flop.  But let me be clear, I don’t think it’s the talent that was lacking–I do think there were some great design talent on this season–I just think these repetitive challenges were boring, but worse there was zero interaction with real clients, which makes this completely unrealistic to the real design world. I understand that it may take a little more effort to cast real people with real design dilemmas, but you would have a MUCH happier audience had you done so.

In addition losing the charisma of Clive Pearse really added to the overall negative feeling of the show.  So here’s my humble suggestions for next season of Design Star. If you listen, I think you’ll have an unbelievable hit:

1. Bring back Clive (or someone with as much personality) to take the edge off the competitive nature of this show.  We know it’s a competition, but HGTV viewers aren’t really watching for the drama, they’re watching for great design ideas and creativity.

2. Get new judges. The existing set are way to negative.  Think Nate Berkus type people.  One’s with design chops and constructive criticism…

A little less this:

A little more this:


I don’t want a Patsy, but I don’t want a Hitler (that’s being harsh, they’re obviously not that bad) either.

3. Team challenges are okay, but individual challenges are better.  Two individual challenges just doesn’t cut it. Viewers want more individual challenges really help us get to know the designer’s style. 

4. More personal touch.  Real, authentic, and genuine.  That is what we want, not other contestants posing as design clients.

5. Finally, variety, not the same thing over, and over again.

You can’t satisfy everyone, but doing these things will help A LOT!  What do you think?


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    Hi everyone! It’s so simple… just “Like” my page on my link and I will draw the winner Thursday next week!

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